The small garden under the street trees in Berlin (photo by the author)

The Sugihara House, 2018 (photo by the author)

When finally becoming a resident of this beloved city, a feeling of loneliness also followed

Berlin, 2018 (photo by the author)

The German word “Gleis” means platform or track (Photo by the author)

Palace of Culture and Science, 2020 (photo by the author)

Prague, 2020 (photo by the author)

The skyline of Frankfurt, 2017 (photo by the author)

Photo by the author

Building an organic link by writing not only to yourself but also to others

Photo by Kan Kante Hsieh

Organic intellectuals

Kan Kante Hsieh

Originally from Taiwan. Having lived in Sweden for a while. Now mainly based in Frankfurt(M) as a Ph.D. student. Interests: Gramsci, and political geography.

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